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Barry Gibb
Click on Barry to go to his website, with home movies and a chatroom to chat with the man himself!

The Bee Gees are more than just beautiful songwriters to me.  The Brothers Gibb are fabulous guys with a great sense of humor.  Their music has an ability to touch the soul like no one elses.
Thank you for coming to my website dedicated to the Brothers Gibb.  Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb have their place amongst  the top 5 biggest recording acts of all time, alongside Paul Mcarteny, Elvis and Michael Jackson!  And they have written all of their own songs since they were children.  They not only have  done that in their own right. After falling out of favor with the general public, they continued dominating the charts writing and producing hits for Country, R&B, and Pop artists like Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, and Dione Warwick.  Even if they haven't gotten all the recognition that others in their rank have,  their ability to remain in the limelight makes them shine even more!


Most people think that Barry probably lives in a mansion in England somewhere.  And that's simply not Barry!  His mansion is in Miami Beach.  The boys grew to love living in a tropical environment from living out their sense of adventure outback in Brisbaine, Australia in the late '60's.  The Gibb Brothers NEVER forgot where they came from.

The 3 brothers grew up poor in Manchester, England, enriched by their love and talent in music.

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