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Here's what Barry and Robin have been up to:

Way to go, Babs!
2006 is big for Brothers Barry and Robin
Although they retired the Bee Gees name with the passing of Maurice on January 12, 2003, the brothers have been back to work.
Barry does Barbra
"Guilty Pleasures" is the name of new album Barry wrote  and produced for Barbra Streisand that brought him back to him Miami, where he was greeted by the mayor and a crowd of fans.  It has 11 tracks and comes in timing with the anniversary of "Guilty" (1980). Released on September 20th, 2005, it is now in the top 10 in British and American charts.
Love Songs Album Tribute for Maurice
Produced by Babyface, featuring recordings done by Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg, Sheryl Crow and Wyclef Jean.  Set to be released in late 2006.
Concert in Central Park
Set for summer of 2007, Barry and Robin are organizing what will also be a network broadcast, DVD, as well as a "Making Of.."
Immitation Bee Gees
David Scott (Mo), Wayne Hoskins (Barry), and Mike Mitchell (Robin) are a talent in their own right, but the tribute band to the Bee Gees enjoy performing for all of us who love them.
"You Win Again" Again
A musical is set for Broadway and London's West End in late 2006 that will be based on the Bee Gees hit song from E.S.P.



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